Stretching, Massage and Laser Therapy

K9 Rehab Wellness Centre is pleased to offer small animal rehabilitation stretching and massage therapy. Our rehabilitation qualified massage therapist works in a caring gentle nature to ensure your pet feels comfortable and safe.   As a highly educated individual with certification in Small Animal Rehabilitation Massage Therapy (SARMT) from the North West School of Animal Massage in Washington State we work with clients to identify restrictions in mobility and range of motion and then create a plan to maximize mobility while reducing painful conditions.


Massage therapy with stretching can be land based or used in the swimming pool in between laps. Warmed up muscles that are stretched and properly massaged work better, have more range of motion and have less tension and pain.


Small animal massage and stretching has a variety of applications, from reducing tension and pain from injuries to helping to prevent injuries in canine sport athletes which will prolong your dog’s career.  We also help reduce inflammation in chronic geriatric dogs with myofascial release and stretching.  Working with the pet owners with guided “homework” massaging that can be done in between visits at home is important as we work as a team to try to give each pet the best quality of life possible and that includes a little help from everyone.


I use a high quality SpectraVet laser and have full certification from Optimum Laser Therapy ensure the safest and best results for your pet. 

Laser therapy is a safe, drug-free, non-invasive approach to generate healing while reducing inflammation and therefore reducing pain. 


Rehabilitation massage therapy and stretching with laser therapy is a full hands-on approach to helping your dog naturally with chronic and acute mobility issues

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