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Introducing the Biko Progressive Resistance (PR) Bands for Hind Limb Weakness

The Biko PR Bands is an elastic resistance device that helps provide more stability and control for dogs suffering from conditions that cause hind limb weakness/paresis.

Because hind limb weakness is not normal aging in a dog, early diagnosis by your veterinarian and appropriate treatment options are critical to outcome and quality of life for your dog!

The Biko PR Bands is the first and only elastic resistance device in veterinary medicine. It can be used as a mobility aid, as a strengthening device, and to improve proprioception.


How the Biko Progressive Resistance (PR) Bands Work

The BIKO Progressive Resistance (PR) Bands is an elastic resistance band that runs from the dorsal midline D ring of a standard Roman harness to the tarsal area of the dog’s hind limbs, just below the hock. The bands come in a color-coded system of progressive resistance – yellow (light), red (medium), and green (strong).

The bands stretch slightly as the dog walks and assists the forward movement of the feet, also protecting and preventing the feet from knuckling under.  This is very helpful for dogs with poor muscle strength, or nerve disorders that prevent proper foot placement.  As the right hind limb moves forward, the resistance that develops in the left Biko PR Band prevents the left foot from slipping sideways or backwards; the process is repeated on the other side as the dog walks.

With more stability and control, dogs with hind limb weakness, lack of coordination, or decreased proprioception can get much more benefit out of exercise – whether walking at home or exercising at a rehab facility.

The Biko PR Bands work well as a sole physiotherapeutic modality, and in conjunction with other modalities such as:  the underwater treadmill, cavalettis, peanut exercise balls, balance boards, wheelchairs. And other modalities.

Biko Sports Bands for Athlete and Working Dogs

The Biko Sports Bands are a new option for integrating resistance training in your athlete and working dog’s conditioning program. The Biko Sports Bands are the “only” resistance training tool now available  for professional- and amateur-handled canines.  More and more veterinary sports medicine practitioners and dog trainers/handlers are using resistance training for strength training and endurance conditioning.  So whether your dog is a professional or amateur athlete or working dog, the Biko Sports Bands offer a significant advantage to your dog’s fitness routines. The Biko Sports Bands are affordable, portable, and decrease the risk of sports related injuries by improving muscle strength.

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