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Dog Lover

About Us

Mission Statement:  Helping you create the best quality of life for your pets



I have such appreciation for animals and how they adapt to our lifestyles and love us unconditionally.  The veterinary world has always interested me and I have huge respect for veterinarians and those who work alongside them. My first choice would have been to become a veterinarian myself however life took a different path, when I was in my 40’s I was introduced to canine hydrotherapy and I knew I was back on my correct path again.  After immersing myself into as many different courses to gain the qualified experience I know to be necessary for this career I opened K9 Rehab Wellness Center.  As a relatively new area of helping animals’ canine hydrotherapy and rehabilitation therapy for animals continue to evolve and so does my skillset and the courses I take each year to keep up to date and to learn from many different sources. 


I love dogs!  I respect their loyalty, companionship, unconditional love and the way they want to be with us every minute of every day.  Dogs get old, some show it quicker than others and weather it is from a lifetime full of crazy behavior or a breed specific degenerative disease I want to be there to help give them the quality of life they deserve.  I start with educating people about being proactive through diet and nutrition, therapy aids and making their homes more accommodating for their pets.  


I work as a team with the veterinarian and owners to be able to achieve quality of life for your pet quicker with long lasting effects.  It doesn’t just happen from coming once a week it’s an accumulation of changing the home environment, working with therapy aids, doing daily stretching, changing the nutrition or supplementing for a few items which will enhance the diet and help with weight management and comfort. I encourage people to make these lifestyle changes in a fun and engaging way that gives the dog a treatment that is positive and includes playing or cuddling with the owner which benefits everyone.


I feel my life’s purpose is being met every day when I meet people who want to help their pets have a better quality of life.

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