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Home Based Canine Exercise

Due to Covid restrictions and distance client needs we have teamed up with an online physiotherapy platform to be able to offer Canine Home Exercise Programs specifically for your dog’s needs and goals. 


With the home exercise program, you will have a program specifically built for your dog’s condition with individual exercises, massage therapy and stretching movements that can be increased and added to as your dog progresses.  You will be provided online access to your dog’s program with details of each exercise with a reference picture and video for guidance for proper placement and control. We are also available to help and will monitor your progress as it is added into your profile and accomplishments.


This is an affordable way to help your dog especially when you do not have access to an exercise specialist and/or cannot personally attend at our facility.  We work as a team which includes your vet and yourself to help us make your dog’s quality of life the best it can be.

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