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K9 Rehab Wellness Center

K9 Rehab Wellness Center is a facility dedicated to offering the best quality of care for the animals we see.  Our goal is to set the standards for the industry in animal rehabilitation, massage and stretching and exercise programs by having the proper certified education and up to date knowledge and skills.  We provide exceptional care and compassion when it comes to your pets.


We are currently located in beautiful Silverdale which is West Mission on the boarder of Maple Ridge, a short drive North of the Lougheed highway.  Our facility offers services to help dogs who need to gain strength and confidence with their mobility issues for their best quality of life.  We also have  plenty of FitPaws equipment for those pets who may need exercises and stretching programs.  Our expansive outdoor area allows for gait analysis and natural environment training areas to improve owners understanding of how to continue to support their animals care at home.

Working as a team with you and your veterinarian utilizing your environment to build lifelong habits that can be incorporated into your daily routine creates the best outcome.  Building on your pets progress and abilities we incorporate homework and home environment modifications for a safe and successful program.

Each pet and owner objective is unique and so is your program which is suited to your pets age, abilities, lifestyle and diagnosis.  Your initial visit will discuss owner goals and our process. 

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