Fun and Fitness Swims

Aquatic fitness is one of the best ways to exercise your dog and tire them out mentally and physically.

Swimming works almost every muscle group, flexing and extending the joints without impact and does so with the benefit of warm water. Unlike swimming in a cold lake or river, swimming in warm water helps to improve cardiovascular blood flow to the muscles essential for muscle growth and improvement. Swimming is a great way to achieve muscle balance and a calmer dog.

At K9 Rehab Wellness Center we ensure a safe supervised environment for pool activities and fun swimming.  Our owner participation swims are fully supervised with an experienced hydrotherapist  allowing you to swim with your pet when therapy is not required.

Fitness swims are important as we have many near- by communities that have breed restrictions which do not allow some dogs off leash.


Allowing your dog to roam freely on the pool deck and in the water engaging in positive play sessions with a hydrotherapist can help dogs gain the confidence they need to be able to interact in a social situation with other dogs when outdoors.


Each swim session is private and we set our schedule limiting the opportunity for dog reactive dogs to encounter other dogs when in the facility.



If your dog participates in sports or other competitions, you’ll want to make sure your dog is in prime physical condition.  Put your dog at the top of it’s class by cross-training with weekly hydrotherapy sessions. Swimming builds balanced muscles that are ready to admire in a dog show or to engage with power and endurance for canine sports.  Adding swimming for cross-training will improve core strength, improve reaction time and control, balance muscles on both sides of the body, increase range of motion and most of all prevent sports related injuries.


Teaching young dogs how to swim with a positive acclimation to water is a wonderful way to make a lifetime of beneficial water experiences. We teach puppies over the age of 12 weeks and dogs who have had a negative water experience how to swim safely and have fun doing so.