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Our Associations
and Credentials

At K9 rehab we have always believed that every pet deserves the best care possible and every pet owner deserves the most information available in order to make the best decisions for his or her pet. To accomplish this, we have set the highest requirements in training and learning as well as instruction in the use of the newest techniques by improving our knowledge and skills as an on going basis.


* Canine Rehabilitation Specialist - Sussex Veterinary Physiotherapy, UK

* Diploma in Canine Hydrotherapy - Greyfriars Hydrotherapy, UK

* Rehabilitation Massage Therapy Certification - North West School of Animal Massage, USA

* Certified Canine Fitness Trainer - University of Tennessee, USA

* Laser Therapy Certification - Optimum Laser Therapy, USA

* Canine First Aid - USA

* Raw Food Nutrition Specialist - DNM University, USA 

* Fear Free Training, USA 

We will always be committed to providing the best care possible to my canine clients


Diploma level 3 Canine Hydro-therapist. Dip CH


Hydrotherapy UK - Diploma level 3 Canine Hydro-therapist. Dip CH

Functional Rehabilitation Land Based


Canine Raw Food Specialist Certified

nw school.jpg

Small Animal Rehabilitation  Massage Therapist.   SARMT

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