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Canine Hydrotherapy & Wellness

We are a full-service pool which includes; hydrotherapy for complex post-surgical rehabilitation, conservative management of degenerative diseases, weight loss management, learn to swim sessions or just fun fitness swims for healthy pets.  We also help dog reactive dogs gain confidence in the pool with the intent to help them be more able to cope with other dogs elsewhere.


While our new facility is being built you can still see us, please call for details and we can determine your individual needs and how we can help.

K9 Rehab Wellness Center is a facility dedicated to offering the best quality of care for the animals we see. Our goal is to set the standards for the industry in pet hydrotherapy and exercise programs by having the proper certified education, up to date knowledge and skills.


We provide exceptional care and compassion when it comes to your pets.


Stretching,  Massage and Laser Therapy

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Exercise Programs

Helping You Create The Best Quality Of Life For Your Pets

We love dogs!  Their loyalty, companionship, unconditional love and the way they want to be with us every minute of every day.  Dogs get old, some show it quicker than others and weather it is from a lifetime full of crazy behavior or a breed specific degenerative disease I want to be there to help give them the quality of life they deserve.

Find out more about the team and our facility here.

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