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Canine Mobility Rehabilitation and Wellness

Let's Increase your Pet's Mobility,

Improve their Quality of Life and

Help them Heal!

We are a mobility rehabilitation facility which includes services for post-surgical rehabilitation, conservative management of degenerative diseases as well as maintenance programs.  Services are beneficial  for seniors, post operative and healthy pets.  Working as a team with you and your veterinarian for the best outcome and quality of life. Your dog's mobility issues will be approached with a whole body approach which addresses all limbs, tight compensating muscles, underdeveloped muscles and body abilities. Our goal is to get your dog out of pain, get them moving better, build up their lost strength, and teach you the most beneficial ways to engage your pup in a regular fun exercise routine. *Disclaimer; we are not a veterinary clinic

With an unrelenting passion for helping animals who have issues with mobility pain, function and mobility challenges to achieve normal movement and function as quickly as possible. The combination of modalities, strength, balance, endurance, range of motion and proprioception will be addressed to achieve the ultimate goal to ensure the best quality of life for your pet.


  • Rehabilitation Therapy

  • Laser Therapy

  • Gait Analysis and Hands on Observation

  • Exercise programs

  • Therapy Band Muscle Strengthening 

  • Rehabilitation Massage and Stretching Programs

  • Sporting and Pet Canine Fitness Training

  • Raw Food Nutrition 



Post Cruciate Surgery TPLO, TTA

Hip Dysplasia

Spinal Issues including IVDD and Neurological Issues

Senior Weakness including; Hind End Weakness and Proprioception work

Arthritis Mobility Limitations

Degenerative Myelopathy 

Elbow and Shoulder Issues

Improving Strength, Endurance and Flexibility

Weight Management

K9 Rehab Wellness Center is a facility dedicated to offering the best quality of care for the animals we see. Our goal is to set the standards for the industry in pet mobility rehabilitation and exercise programs by having the proper certified education, up to date knowledge and skills.


We provide exceptional care and compassion when it comes to your pets in a FEAR FREE environment.


Stretching &  Massage Therapy





Post Surgical


Image by Alvan Nee

Exercise Programs

Helping You Create The Best Quality Of Life For Your Pets

We love dogs!  Their loyalty, companionship, unconditional love and the way they want to be with us every minute of every day.  Dogs get old, some show it quicker than others and weather it is from a lifetime full of crazy behavior or a breed specific degenerative disease I want to be there to help give them the quality of life they deserve.

Find out more about the team and our facility here.

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