What is muscle atrophy? – a quick overview!

You might have heard your Veterinarian talking about muscle atrophy. That describes the wasting away of muscle mass when they are not properly being engaged.  Important factors  impacting the muscle atrophy are not only the exercise your pup receives but, furthermore, the nutrients your dog takes in, medications, his/her age as well as other diseases, injury or pain.

How is muscle atrophy being diagnosed?  Whilst muscle atrophy is merely a symptom you want to check for the cause with your Veterinarian. Your Vet can conduct tests to diagnose what causes your dog to lose muscle mass. More symptoms coming along with muscle atrophy may be shaking muscles, weak legs (mostly manifesting in the rear), dragging of the paws, visibly sunken muscles or leg crossing when walking or standing.

How can you treat muscle atrophy? This will depend on your Vet’s diagnosis. But generally speaking you should try to engage your dog’s muscles appropriately, for example with  physical therapy or hydrotherapy. Dietary changes could be an option as well.

Why do we recommend Hydrotherapy as exercise for general muscle atrophy? Hydrotherapy utilizes all benefits of the water like its buoyancy, resistance, temperature and pressure to exercise in a controlled environment. Appropriate weight bearing and additional exercises are customizable for every client’s needs. That makes Hydrotherapy a FUN way to help your dog feel his/ her best!

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