Indoor Pool vs Outdoor Pool. Is there a Difference?

The simple answer is yes, there is a huge difference between an indoor pool and an outdoor pool when it comes to canine hydrotherapy. The biggest differential point- providing a controlled environment.

An Indoor Pool Provides Consistent Warmth,

In and Out of the Water

A benefit of warm water therapy is the ability to quickly warm up the muscles. Warm muscles mean an increase in range of motion in the joints to effectively build muscle and improve the condition of your dog. Having your dog exit the water into cold temperatures causes the muscles to tighten back up causing the therapy to stop, essentially wasting the progress made in the warmth of the water.

Our heated pool deck gives warmth to our clients as they are being dried off after their swim to keep their muscles warm, allowing the therapy to continue. This also provides a comfortable environment to the parents who are watching their pooch swim. Dogs requiring further warmth are suited in our retailed chilly dog bath robes or are blow dried in our commercial drying station located near the pool entrance.

A Safe, Quiet Environment

Our indoor pool is free of interruption from noises. This is very important if your dog is anxious or has reactivity and can easily be alarmed. It is important for your dog to experience the therapy aspect in canine hydrotherapy. Having an environment free from interruptions whether it be from noise, humans, or other dogs, gives the ultimate therapeutic experience. In order for a dog to completely relax they need to know that they are in a safe environment.
What better way to relax than to feel like the pool belongs to you? 

At K9 Rehab, we take everything into consideration to give you and your pet the ultimate spa experience, right down to the lighting. It is important to have good lighting during a hydrotherapy session as the therapist needs to accurately observe your dog in the pool without obstruction. Great lighting means our hydro-therapists can note the slightest abnormality, therefore adjusting accordingly to achieve proper swim style to build muscle back into correct formation.

Indoor hydrotherapy pools provide consistent warmth both in and out of the pool. The environment is controlled to be free of distractions, noise, and other dogs. An indoor pool provides the space for dogs and owners to feel relaxation, solitude, and safety.
At K9 Rehab we strive to provide a comfortable, professional hydrotherapy experience.

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