Hydrotherapy Forms

New Client Forms for Swim Sessions

Once you have booked your assessment appointment either by email at or by telephone 604-435-0002 we will then need to know who you are and some information about your pet. We will send you a confirmation email noting your appointment time and date along with a few tips you should know about our facility and about arriving prior to your appointment.  This email will also include the forms we require for; veterinary approval, general information about you and your pet, facility and swim waiver, policies form and our price list.

Written approval from your veterinarian must be obtained for injured dogs. There should be no extra cost to you if you are currently under veterinary care.  We will provide you with and easy to fill in form to give to your veterinarian and they can email it directly back to us saving you time.  This completed form will allow us to gain a full history of your pet’s medication, surgeries and health history.

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Vet Referral – Release Form