Canine Massage Therapy, Hydrotherapy and after Surgery Support

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Reiki is a hands on holistic healing system, meaning it treats the whole being, addressing problems and healing at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  It is a powerful tool for emotional healing after abuse, trauma, neglect and fear and trust issues. Reiki accelerates healing after surgery or injury. It compliments both conventional and alternative therapies and it is gentle, painless and stress-free.

Sarah has degrees in both Psychology and Sociology as well as a Diploma in Addictions Counseling.

She transitioned from her first career of working with people with disabilities by becoming a Certified Dog Trainer in 2013.

Sarah noticed that Dog Training could not always help with emotional issues or provide relief from physical injuries. She wanted to discover a deeper and more lasting way to help animals heal.

Sarah received her Master level in Reiki in 2014 from Esther Cudmore, and has worked on many animals to help them heal from a variety of issues. She specializes in working with dogs with emotional trauma and physical injuries and received animal Reiki certification from Marta Banat

Sarah is constantly amazed by the effects of Reiki and how well animals respond to this healing energy. She is honored by each opportunity to use this amazing technique to heal people’s four legged best friends.

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