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Phoenix Rising Integrative Vet Care

I am an integrative veterinarian and have been a vegan by choice for 21 years.

Emergency medicine was my passion and forte and I woke up one day in Toronto as the co-owner of an emergency clinic. In a short while, I realized there was more to the practice of medicine. My quest for this missing piece of the puzzle led me to Vancouver Island where for the past 4 years I allowed my self to transition from emergency medicine and add more tools to my veterinary education. I still do surgery and
emergency medicine when called upon to do so as I believe it is important to maintain my skills.

As I opened myself to learning innovative and age-old but time-tested approaches to the practice of medicine, I found myself using less pharmaceuticals and achieving better results. I learned to first use a hands-on approach to guide me towards localizing a problem and then confirm my findings through diagnostic tests.

Over the past 3 years, I shed my white lab coat and along with it my concepts of who I was as a veterinarian. I now know that the practice of medicine is an art and it embraces compassionate healing and preventative wellness.

My dear friend Deb Ozarko interviewed me for a podcast and here is an excerpt for you to listen and to understand my values and belief systems.

(To know more about Deb and listen to other interesting podcasts, visit her web page at

Phoenix Rising Veterinary Care is now open to see patients. We are happy to be sharing a beautiful space with K9 Rehab Wellness Centre.

Please call the clinic at 604-436-0726 to schedule appointments. Our hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Rachel is available 5 days a week to schedule appointments. Appointments are currently being scheduled Tuesday to Friday.

I look forward to meeting you all and my lovely furry patients that bring so much joy to us all.

Namaste – Dr. Radica Raj

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