Help ’em up extension straps


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Extender Straps

Comes in sets of 2.
Available sizes: Medium (adds 1-5″ each/10″ overall), Large/X-Large (adds 1-6″ each/12″ overall)

Help ‘Em Up Extender Straps are adjustable and clip into the harness to extend the length of the straps on the front shoulder harness (around the chest) and/or the rear-end Hip Lift harness (around the waist). Harness size is based on the weight of the dog, but should your dog fall outside the chest or waist measurements by a few inches, extender straps can help accommodate those measurements rather than sizing up a whole harness size. They also come in handy if your dog may have gained some weight over time and needs more room in the harness. Strap size should match the size of your harness.

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