Side door adapter for ramp





Give your dog a new way up and in. The Solvit Side Door Ramp Adapter allows your dog to climb into your vehicle through the side door. The unique Side Door Ramp Adapter connects pet ramps to vehicle side doors, providing backseat access for pets, and it only takes a few seconds to set up.  Simply attach to the door of any vehicle, connect to the ramp, and it’s ready to use. The Side Door Ramp Adapter is compatible with the Deluxe Telescoping Ramp, the Deluxe XL Telescoping Ramp, the Tri-Scope Ramp and the Ultralite Bi-fold Ramp.


  • Connects to side doors, providing back seat access for pets
  • Connects to Deluxe Telescoping Ramp, Deluxe XL Telescoping Ramp, Tri-scope Ramp, and Ultralite Bi-fold Ramp


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