Canine Massage Therapy, Hydrotherapy and after Surgery Support

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Getting Started

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To make your pet’s recovery based procedures as effective as possible we follow a carefully planned process.

  1. Written approval from your veterinarian must be obtained for injured dogs.There should be no extra cost if you are currently under veterinary care. We will provide you with an easy form to give to your veterinarian.  This completed form will allow us to gain a full history of your pet’s medications, surgeries, lifestyle, and goals for your pet’s therapy.  If possible please have a current weight on your pet from your veterinarian’s scale: this will be very helpful as we will want to monitor your pet’s weight in response to physiotherapy (increase of muscle density and decrease of fat often shows on the scale).Please let us know if you could use help with any assistive equipment such as ramps, steps or slings to make it easier for your pet to get around your home or to travel to appointments. We carry help ’em up harnesses, ramps, wheelchairs and other rehab equipment to help you.
  2. Book an Initial Assessment Appointment:In this initial appointment, K9 Rehab will evaluate your pet including: gait analysis, physical assessment, and history review both from notes provided by your veterinarian and the history that you provide.  This will allow us to best develop a customized program of therapeutic treatments for your pet. Based on the initial evaluation will develop a treatment plan for your dog that takes into account your dog’s needs, your schedule and your budget.

Each  animal’s condition is unique therefore each animal will have an individualized program/ schedule of treatment. Our goal is to significantly improve your pet’s overall well-being and provide the optimum quality of life for your pet.


Pool Session Time

  • 30 minutes swim sessions – these sessions also include assessments, gait analysis, discussion to work together to determine the best therapy and outcome for your dog. Each dog has the pool facility booked for 1 hour and is in the pool for 30 minutes. This leaves time to assess and dry off before leaving.
  • Nutritional advice if weight needs to be addressed



Ms. A. McDonald Dip CH, SARMT

  • Diploma in Canine Hydrotherapy from Greyfriars UK
  • First Aid for Small Animals from Greyfriars UK.
  • Certificate in Small Animal Foundation Massage Therapy (level 1) from North West School of Animal Massage
  • Certificate in Small Animal Rehabilitation Massage Therapy (level 3) from North West School of Animal Massage
  • Walked Paws Dog Walking 101 – Business and Equipment Module And Sabrina’s link is